Social Media Marketing Company or Internal Specialist?

In the following article we’ll take a look at key considerations when choosing specialized social media marketing firms.• The company’s “language” is as important as the big picture
The option of choosing an internal person is supported by the idea that they already speak the company’s “language” and knows the company “inside out”, but let’s keep in mind that one of the skills essential a social networking specialist needs is being able to see the big picture and offer a fresh perspective. That’s what we do best! Company experts will rapidly learn the company’s “language”, while keeping in mind your big picture – managing your brand and driving inbound leads.When it comes to social networking online, staying up-to-date with the latest industry news is a must. Platforms are always changing; ideas and innovations are constantly coming and going. Who better to keep tabs on these changes that than a team of trained and experienced professionals? Your employees know your business, we know social media.• Social Networking can be an operational expense
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be able to decide your own budget and choose your own services for social media? A specialized firm can help you with that and your social media will become an operational expense. This way, you will not have to pay for the constant services of an in-house social media person when you can benefit from the only services you truly need and can afford.Also, keep in mind that there are situations when an internal social media specialist is needed only for specific campaigns; paying him constantly would be a waste of resources. Other times, certain campaigns require additional resources for a short time. Social media firms offers on-demand, scalable services that can be used as your primary social networking team or to enhance your internal resources when needed.• Learning on your dime is not an option
Our company has a team of fully trained and up to date social media experts who are focused on the results and are really passionate about the industry. We use tested strategies and can adapt them according to the each client’s needs and objectives. We don’t experiment, we just implement. Also, our experts enjoy participating in conferences, training programs, and other inbound marketing events.• Complete service package
A specialized company can offer a flexible variety of skills, while an in house person is focused on specified activities. With us, your business can leverage experts on Social Platforms, SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing when needed. Why settle for one expert when you can have an entire scalable team at your service for less than the salary of one employee? Also, having all of your digital marketing needs managed by the same company means coordinated efforts, and you won’t have to deal with multiple agencies and disconnected strategies.• Your business needs more skills than one person can provide
There are times when the in-house person who manages social platforms in a company also handles sales, administrative tasks, or other activities. Consequently, the social media strategy doesn’t get the full attention it deserves and results take more time to appear. A social media company comes with a team of trained experts whose only purpose is to rapidly achieve results for your company. Also, our team approach means we’ll immediately apply the senior level skills your business needs to succeed, and not the limited skills an internal individual may have. In other words, your goal will become our goal, and the results will prove thatThe annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report says that marketers have gradually increased social networking outsourcing since last year-in 2011, 28% outsourced social, and in 2012, this number rose to 30%. As more businesses realize the potential of scalable services from expert firms, these percentages will surely continue to rise.